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   The building expertise has no legible definition and clearly delineated problems, it is customary under building expertise imply or judicial building Expertise in case of differences between the customer and contractor or in case of definition of the cost Activities on elimination of damage marked of the real estate, or expertise of building designs or Buildings and facilities for detection of their current availability index of product and finding - out of lift capability.

   We can help to you in any case:
  • building expertise of buildings - technical examination before renovation, overhauling, purchasing of a building or for other purposes;
  • compiling of the executive documentation on unwarranted building;
  • expertise of lift capability - examination of separate designs for definition of a capability of their further exploitation and lift capability;
  • independent judicial building expertise with the purpose of detection of the causes of emergencies, debacles of the real estate;
  • expertise of quality of building and repair with the purpose of settlement of disputes of the contractor and customer;
  • expertise of volumes of building;
  • definition of value of damage marked of the real estate by embayment and a fire;
  • expertise and analysis of the budget documentation, fixing of budget of building;
  • consultings on building expertise in Russia.
   All set forth above expert activities are made with the purposes of settling differences between the contractor and customer, solution of the conflictings between the neighbours, in the judicial and notarial purposes. The consultings on building expertise are given for the lawyers or natural and legal faces met with business of building subjects and is gentle were guided in the building legislation, the representation in court is possible.


   We tender the services for the companies creating, purchasing and exploiting the real estate (building, putting) in Russia. For a competent estimation of availability index of product of building objects located in Russia we strongly recommend to conduct a technical expert appraisal. The qualified examination of buildings before their purchasing or renovation will allow to save up your investments in the Russian objects from superfluous risk.
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